Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sylvana & Matt (#1) are visiting!

Our friends from LA came to visit us this weekend and I took my first vacation day to show them around the Salty City. Apparently when you're a grown up you can have vacation days :) Soooo, on Friday we went to Snowbird and rode the tram. Here's what we looked like when we were walking through the parking lot:
The tram at Snowbird takes you up to 11,000 feet so that in the winter you can ski down or in the summer you can hike. You need tickets to ride though, so we got some :)
(notice the angelic like light shining down on us...that's because we're good people...)

Here are Sylvana & Matt demonstrating they can follow directions to the tram:
Here's what it looks like where you get on the tram:
The tram has windows on all sides so you can look out:
Once you get out at the top, you can look around...or try to push each other off the mountain (only if you're the best of friends though...)
Here's when Sylvana decided to be nice again:
Aaaaaand really nice?
So after we walked around up top, we took some more pictures:
And even made some shadow puppets:
Than Matt climbed some rocks:
After we climbed down a ways, we realized we would have to climb back up to get back to the tram...poor planning on our part :)

Anyway, after our walk (or hike as Sylvana called it) we traveled downtown to see the Temple:
There were a bunch of weddings going on, so we stood around a gawked for a while. Then, as I was trying to take a picture of Matt's ear, the Temple got in the way:
The end.

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Anonymous said...

"When" we visit, I will bring you this gift for your camera ... ... just to give your arm a break :) EMs